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A Guide to Installing MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 For Workgroups on a Legacy PC

  Software and Instructions Included

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Here are programs you should install, after the MS-DOS and Windows installation, to have a mouse for MS-DOS, CD-ROM, networking protocol for the Internet,  Internet Explorer 5, and MS-Video to view AVI video in Windows.

This zip folder contains: mouse driver for DOS, CD-ROM driver, TCP-IP protocol for Internet networking, Internet Explorer 5, and the Video for Windows program.

Follow the instructions on the Installation page to install them.   

You will also need these two Programs “WinRAR”, for unzipping files,

and “Free ISO Burner” for burning ISO disk images.

These are self-extracting files. Install these programs on your Main PC.


Here is a collection of DOS games, in 4 zip folders. There is also a list of the games.  Unpack them to your desktop, and then copy them to a floppy disk or CD. (It would be a good idea to create a network from your main PC to the Legacy PC, to share files. Then you can simply transfer them to a folder on the Legacy PC hard drive, and install them from there).

DOS Games Collection 1 - 35 Games - 69 MB   List

DOS Games Collection 2 - 46 Games - 184 MB   List

DOS Games Collection 3 - 38 Games - 87 MB   List

DOS Games Collection 4 - 41 Games - 129 MB   List

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