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midlee May 27 '20
Hi from Canada,

I've just signed up so hello All!

We're looking at, 3.5" external floppy drives but getting mixed messages. Just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on the

topic? Question, does windows 10 recognize or not  a floppy drive? I'm finding online some folks say yes, and some say no, and some online-ads say no. 

I've got a collection going back fifty years, I'd curios to look at?

Thank you,


midlee May 28 '20
Thank You,


Unfortunately doesn't ship to ca.

Never mind I'll keep looking.

Actually! If I understand what I'm doing right, it doesn't have to work with Windows 10? 

MS-Dos 6 is running inside Virtual Box (inside Win 10) so as long as the floppy drive is recognized when it's running, that should do it? I Think??

Anyway thanks again!


Administrator May 29 '20
I'm really not sure about a Virtual Box. I used a real machine.
midlee May 29 '20

Thank you for your reply, very much appreciated!

<Administrator8 hours agoI'm really not sure about a Virtual Box. I used a real machine.>
Please bear with me, I explain.I came at this problem, i.e., "How to run MS-DOS on Win 10-64bit, knowing that under normal circumstances it does not.I was not thinking about a secondary machine at that time, it was only after closely re-reading this (your) website. I realized your coming from a different direction, very interesting! But a very huge problem for me!!Were I live they've never heard (me neither), of 'legacy' machines so where to go for one. 
So until I can solve that little problem I'm going to have to use the VirtualBox Systemon my Win 10.Again thank you for your help, will stay in touch.

Administrator Jun 1 '20

I'm sure if you google your problems, that you will find the answers.