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laerte Dec 23 '18
Has anyone ever thought about building a MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 that browses the Internet without any security risk, and even in the Deep Web?

Without modifying Microsoft's intellectual property software, but building programs that solve any problem, working with it?

Even if for this, the system runs in a virtual machine on Windows or Linux?

What do you think about it?

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Administrator Dec 25 '18
That would be great. My main site "The legacy PC Project" has all the software and information you need to build a DOS and Windows 3.11 PC. The trouble may be getting a browser to work with the modern internet. I can only get Internet Explorer 5.0 to work with it. It is only capable of reading basic HTML pages. Maybe you could create a browser for it.
SquidHM3 Jul 24
I know I'm necro'ing an old post, but I agree, the best I've gotten my old 486 to do is IE 5. But honestly, it's bloody painful. Most sites won't load at all. Only those with extremely basic html and nothing else.

Honestly, I'm thinking about throwing FreeDOS on it and seeing how that would work.