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A Guide to Installing MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 For Workgroups on a Legacy PC

  Software and Instructions Included

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Most Drivers are installed from Control Panel > Drivers

Video drivers are not installed from Control Panel > Drivers.

To install video drivers:

1.  Go to Main > Windows Setup

2.  Click Options > Change System Settings

3.  From the Display drop down box scroll to “Other display (Requires disk from OEM)”

4.  Insert Disk, and load driver.

Creating an Extended DOS Partition

1.  From the C prompt type “FDISK”

2.  Enter 4 to display partition information: here you can see how much hard drive space you      have left.

3.  To create another partition Enter 1.

4.  From this screen Enter 2, “Create Extended DOS Partition”

5.  Enter a size, up to 2 GB.

6.  Return to the first menu and Enter 1 again.

7.  Now Enter 3 “Create Logical DOS Drive(s) in the Extended DOS partition.”

8.  Exit FDISK

9.  From the C prompt type “FORMAT D:”

10.  You can label the drives if you wish. I labeled mine like this:

11.  At the C prompt type “Label C:” and then type a label. Do the Same for Drive D. I used “Hard Disk 1 for C”, and “Hard Disk 2” for D.

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