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A Guide to Installing MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 For Workgroups on a Legacy PC

  Software and Instructions Included

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1.  With your legacy PC off, insert MS-DOS 6.22 disk 1- Setup, in the floppy drive.  Turn on      your legacy PC. (If the PC doesn’t boot into the DOS setup program, you may have to      enter the bios, and check to see that the first drive in the Boot Order is the floppy      drive.  If it isn’t, you must set it as the first boot drive).

   (The Following are a list of the installation screen prompts.  I am using a 4 GB empty hard    drive in this installation. DOS setup will create a 2 GB partition during installation, when    you use a hard drive 2 GB or larger. Later you can create other partitions in the un-    partitioned space.  If you want to create more partition after installing DOS, skip to disk    partitioning after installing DOS.)

2. To Setup DOS now, press enter.

3. To configure your hard drive now, press Y.

4.  Setup will restart your computer.  Make sure that the setup disk is in drive A.  To      continue, press enter.  

5.  After restart: Formatting drive C:

6.  The next screen will let you set the time, date, country, and keyboard layout.

7.  When all settings are correct, press enter.

8.  Setup will place files in C:\DOS

9.  Insert Disk 2 when prompted.

10.  Insert Disk 3 when prompted.,

11.  Remove the disk from the drive, and press enter.                        

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