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A Guide to Installing MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 For Workgroups on a Legacy PC

  Software and Instructions Included

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You should format all floppy disks first, to determine if the disks are working properly, before you create the installation disks.

There is a “WinImage” program included with the zip files containing the DOS and Windows disk images.  You must install this program on your Main PC, to create the installation floppy disks. You will need 4 – 1.44MB floppy disks for MS-DOS, and 8 floppy disks for Windows.  Extract the disk image folders to your desktop. Open the “WinImage” program. Select “Open”, and then navigate to the first disk image file. Place a blank formatted floppy disk in your floppy disk drive. From the Disk Menu, select Write Disk. When complete, label the disks with the names of the image files. Continue with this process until you create all the floppy installation disks for DOS and Windows.

(You can download the complete installation instructions here as a PDF file, if you wish to print them, and read them as you do your installation.)

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